Upgrading Your Lab To An Illumina MiSeq2 On A Budget

Labs, as well as testing and research facilities, always face a conundrum when it comes to upgrading equipment. The cost of new equipment is considerable, and there is always the chance that the existing equipment will continue to function well beyond the typical life-cycle.

On the other hand, upgrading to a newer option in testing equipment, such as an Illumina MiSeq 2, offers several benefits. This includes faster workflow and throughput to allow more testing. The system also provides greater accuracy without the need to retest, which saves both time and money.

While all of these factors will need to be considered, there is one option that can allow even a small lab with a very limited budget to upgrade to an Illumina MiSeq2. Buying the equipment refurbished or used from a top medical and laboratory equipment dealer can eliminate the problem by providing a top-quality piece of equipment at a fraction of the new system price.

The Benefits to Consider

As mentioned above, the Illumina MiSeq2 offers shorter sequencing times paired with better result quality as well as more efficient data capture in an automated system.

It is also a system that is designed for small genome sequencing, which is critical for many research and testing facilities as well as specialized labs that are focused on working with disease control and epidemic management.

The automation offered by the MiSeq2 is critical in preventing human error during the sequencing process, analysis, amplification and targeted sequencing testing. By eliminating the need for human intervention during the process, common errors are avoided, which is an essential factor for a lab of any size.

The system is very compact compared to other sequencers on the market. Fitting easily into most small labs, it is an investment in the lab’s testing capacity, particularly when purchased at the low pricing offered on used and refurbished models.

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