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Tips For Getting The Best In Used Analytical Equipment

Saving money by buying used analytical equipment is a common practice in labs and testing facilities of all sizes. Often big labs purchased pre-owned equipment to add additional testing services or to boost their ability to complete large testing requirements within the cost of buying brand new equipment. Smaller labs may choose


The Advantages Of Using The Polymer Lab

When it comes to specialized testing services, manufacturers turn to niche companies to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art testing equipment. For any company working with polymers and plastics, either as a manufacturer or an end user of these materials, having the ability to test the material for composition, purity


How to Know One Plastic from Another

In a world when we know all plastic bottles should be recycled, understanding their labelling helps you to know whether you can use the bottle safely again or direct it to your recycling plant. However, for complete plastics identification, you would need to turn to lab testing to fully understand what you