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Marlboro Cigarettes: The Women’s Cigarette That Raised a Cowboy

From its first days in 1924 as a women’s cigarette to its branding of America’s favorite cowboy with the Marlboro man, Marlboro cigarettes as had an amazing life up until now. Today Marlboro cigarettes are commonly known as a men’s brand, but are smoked by both men and women around the world.


The Nine Must-Have Cigar Accessories for Cigar Lovers

In order to make cigar smoking a truly enjoyable experience, cigar lovers must understand the value of having essential cigar accessories. These accessories are intended for specific purposes and not just vanity. Each accessory is crafted to maximize the pleasures of cigar smoking. 1. Cigar Ashtray An ashtray is an essential accessory


Rocky Patel: Enjoy a Future Classic Cigar

Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Patel began manufacturing cigars after he became interested in the process in the 1990’s. His first career was that of an attorney in Hollywood to stars such as Gene Hackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His ties to Hollywood are what exposed him to cigar smoking. His interest simply grew from there