Types Of Chemical Explosives

To bring down a building, you need something that will cause it to explode or implode. The same applies to any structure. This is true whether it is a rock wall in a mine or railway trestle. In movies, television and in real life, explosives are the way to accomplish...

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Interesting Facts about Dynamite

Dynamite is an explosive consisting of nitroglycerine mixed with an absorbent material. It is often molded into sticks for use. It is classified as an explosive due to the fact that an explosive is anything that (after being ignited) burns rapidly and produces large...

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A Brief History Of Dynamite

While explosives have been used since early civilizations by different groups, controlled explosions that are commonplace today have really only become possible through the use of advanced types of technology. Dynamite, as one of the most commonly used explosives,...

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