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Auto Salvage Shops: Beneficial To Individuals And the Environment

The automotive manufacturing industry is responsible for an impressive (and some would say reprehensible) amount of waste. While car companies are trying to comply with the need to produce vehicles with less negative environmental impact, they are not currently very successful at doing so. Moreover, cars and trucks from eras past remain


5 Reasons to Choose ASE Certified Mechanics

When you have a vehicle that needs repair, you have a lot of options here in Cincinnati. You can take your pick of service providers, and you might end up with quality repair in most cases – but why take the chance? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your car


In Search of the Best Car Parts Store in Cincinnati

A good car or truck lasts well over 100,000 miles these days when properly taken care of. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are essential if you want the best service from your vehicle. You can save a lot of money on quality parts when you go with recycled auto parts. But where