The Hidden Value in Used Abbott Instruments

When it comes to adding equipment to any lab, choosing the best brands and the right options to meet testing requirements is critical. By taking a closer look at the options available and narrowing down the choices to those optimal for the testing required, any lab can increase testing ability and capacity without breaking the budget.

Worldwide Use

One of the most popular options in equipment to add to the capacity of an existing lab or to set up a new testing facility is the choice of used Abbott instruments. As an American company with a worldwide presence in the research and testing industry, Abbott instruments have a solid reputation for performance, durability, and accuracy.

Abbott instruments are used in a wide range of life science, diagnostic and medical testing applications. With multiple models and options in the various lines of instruments and equipment, it is not difficult for a lab to find the right equipment for the job.

Compare Options

With the choice of used Abbott instruments, labs can expect to pay considerably less than the same equipment as new instruments. This savings can be more than fifty percent, which means labs have the option to upgrade the model and still stay within their budget.

It is always a wise choice to compare used Abbott instruments with other models and manufacturers in the market. By working with a reputable used medical and testing equipment service, it is easy to complete side-by-side comparisons.

There is also the possibility of choosing equipment which has been upgraded or has the most advanced features as used instruments. This is a simple way to have the latest in testing capacity with the used or refurbished equipment. It also means the equipment arrives fully tested and ready use as well as meeting all standards and protocols for use in research, diagnostics and testing applications.

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