How to Protect Your Family Against Ticks in Freehold NJ

Ticks are blood-sucking pests that can lead to serious health concerns, such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Children and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to tick bites. It is imperative for individuals to learn all they can about protecting their family against Ticks Freehold NJ.

Tips For Protecting Against Ticks

The warmer months of the year allow for longer days and more fun outside but these months can also bring on Ticks Freehold NJ. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to discover a person has been bitten by a tick until the area becomes irritated and swollen. With the following tips, individuals will be better able to properly protect their family against ticks.

• One thing that can be beneficial is to make sure everyone wears light clothing so the ticks will be better able to be noticed. If they are able to be seen, they can be removed before a person gets bitten.

• Insect repellent is important for keeping ticks at bay. Using an insect repellent with 20-30% DEET can help to dramatically cut down on the risks of being bitten by a tick.

• Individuals need to make sure they wear a hat and pull back long hair so ticks are less likely to latch on and bite. It is also wise to tuck the pants inside the socks so the ticks will not climb up the legs.

Remove Ticks From the Yard

Sometimes, homeowners find themselves dealing with tick issues because their yard is infested with these unwanted pests. Hiring the pest control specialists will allow homeowners to have their yard sprayed so these pests are destroyed. Tick barriers can also be sprayed around the yard and home to help prevent ticks from entering and causing the spread of illnesses.

With these services, homeowners can rest assured their yard will be safe for themselves and loved ones during the warm summer months. Those who want to learn more about these services should Browse Site at . They are the pest control specialists homeowners can fully rely on so all of their pest control needs will be taken care of right away.

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