What to Look for In LED Machine Lights

LED lighting has been around since 1962. An employee of General Electric, Nick Holonyak Jr., invented a red light emitting diode (LED). Ten years later, M. George Craford produced a yellow and brighter red version. Since then, LEDs have increased in popularity as...

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3 Benefits Of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

For both residential and commercial properties, lighting can be used to enhance outdoor locations throughout the landscape. Not only is it important to increase visibility, but it can be used to create special effects, to focus on particular aspects of the landscape...

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4 Reasons to Own a Rechargeable Work Light

Portable lighting can be one of the best tools you own. It is there for you when you have a special need at work and can be used in the home and workshop. Here are four good reasons to buy a high-quality rechargeable work light soon. 1. On the Job Your work area may...

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The Benefits Of A High Output Wall Pack

Having lighting around a building on a commercial or industrial property is only effective if the lighting is bright, clear and covers all the areas of the building that are potential areas for unwanted access. This lighting is also used to increase safety and allow...

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4 Ways to Shop for LED Parking Lot Lights

Parking lots and garages are the usual haunt of thieves and other criminal elements, says Safe Bee. Want to make sure they don’t get a chance to get to the people who pay rent on your parking lot? Follow these tips: Replace those lights Darkness offers convenient...

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