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Putting a Harley Under the Tree

When it comes to choosing a gift that’s sure to please the Harley lover in your life, turn your attention to aftermarket parts. Harley owners are inveterate tinkerers, and love to alter their ride, and Harley-Davidson’s classic bikes are a restorer’s dream. There’s hardly such an active user base anywhere else in


4 Ways to Shop for a Harley Davidson Windshield Replacement

Shopping for a Harley Davidson Classic Pre 1984 windshield can be frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you make wise buying decisions to help you and your wallet breathe a little easier: Do repairs first If the damage or problems are minor at best, then try doing repairs first. This


Guide for Buying Harley Panhead Parts

The Panhead V-twin was launched into the market back in 1974. It was available in 61 inch and 74 inch versions, says Cycle World. If you’re looking to do a bit of restoration work on your bike, here are a few good pieces of advice when you shop for Harley Davidson panhead