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How To Find The Best Chocolate Stores In Chicago

Chocolate is something that is enjoyed almost universally, in hundreds of settings. Today, chocolate is one of the most popular and widely available foods in the world. If you want to experience some of the finest and most professionally made chocolate in the world, then you don’t have to take a trip


Are You A Weird Ice Cream Lover?

One of the strangest recent food trends is the unusual ice cream flavor craze. All over the country people are creating unusual ice cream flavors, some of which can be pretty hard to imagine. Here are some of the most recent crazy ideas the country’s ice cream shops are dishing out: *


Chicago Ice Cream Shops: Serving High Quality Treats For 100 Years

Ice cream contains fat, sugar and flavorings. The very best is to low fat but rich and creamy. Chicago ice cream shops continue to thrive by selling these delicious treats. Throughout the city, after a slowdown in the sales of such rich offerings, according to statistics, full and flavorful ice cream is