The Steps to Creating a Prototype

If you are inventing a new product, you probably want to get a patent. In order to get approval for a patent, you'll need a physical prototype of your product. Providing a prototype with your application helps protect your concept. Yet, there are a few steps you...

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The Purpose Of Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is acceptable by industrial and commercial product manufacturers. It is a common finishing material, coating many different products. In fact, this relatively inexpensive metal makes an appearance in many common day items. This is not a fluke....

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Tips for More Effective TIG Welding

If you need to do TIG welding in Cleveland, you'll soon discover it's not as easy as it looks. On the surface, it seems like you only need to hold the electrode to the weld area and apply enough heat to the filler rod. However, there's more to it than that, and these...

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What is a Superalloy?

When you combine iron with carbon, you create a product with superior properties to iron. For example, carbon steel is stronger than iron. Aluminum serves many uses today but it's too soft when you use pure aluminum, so other metals make aluminum better. However,...

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