The Purpose Of Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is acceptable by industrial and commercial product manufacturers. It is a common finishing material, coating many different products. In fact, this relatively inexpensive metal makes an appearance in many common day items. This is not a fluke. Manufacturers request zinc electroplating for solid reasons.


In essence, industrial and commercial companies request zinc electroplating of their products for one of two reasons:

1. Protection

2. Aesthetics

Zinc provides an attractive appearance. A coating of this metal adds a subtle luster to the substrate surface of the component. However, the major rationale behind employing a zinc finish is not because of its attractive qualities. Industries and commercial concerns want zinc electroplating because of its protective characteristics.

Zinc conveys certain properties to the surface it coats. This finishing process – although companies may cover the zinc with paint, provides the component with protection against the corrosive elements of air and water. In particular, zinc plating increases the longevity and durability of other metals by acting as the initial sacrificial protection against rust and other forms of corrosion. The extent or level of protection will inevitably depend upon the thickness of the zinc coating, although post-plating treatment and environmental factors will factor into the results.

In Praise of Zinc Electroplating

In metal fabrication and finishing, zinc electroplating serves this purpose well. Finishers and manufacturers laud its versatility and applicability. After all, zinc is capable of coating most metals. The most common ones receiving a zinc coating are:

1. Brass
2. Cast iron
3. Malleable iron
4. Steel

Industries and finishing firms also appreciate the comparatively low cost of zinc.

Zinc Plating

Zinc remains a popular metal for finishing a product. Automotive parts, bolts, metal stampings, nuts, and washers are common industrial applications. Companies understand zinc’s ability to slow down the rusting process. At the same time, the affordability of zinc plating enhances its attraction to both commercial and industrial producers.

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