5 Reasons People are Choosing Cremation Services in San Diego, CA

When families choose cremation, it isn’t always because of the cost. For some, there are other reasons to choose cremation over burial. Below are several reasons people and their families are increasingly turning to Cremation Services in San Diego CA.

Cremation is the Future

During the 1950s, approximately four percent of people in America were cremated. Burial was the main means of body disposition. However, today is much different. About 49% of Americans are choosing cremation today compared to 45% who choose burial. By 2030, the cremation rate is expected to surpass 70%, which shows that it’s not just a passing trend.

Changes in Religious Affiliation

Many traditions arise from religion, especially where burial is concerned. However, the country is becoming more secular and more people claim no religious affiliation. According to the Pew Research Center, 23% of adults are unaffiliated with a religion. That means there are more non-religious people in America than there are Protestants, Catholics, and other groups. As the number grows, people are choosing new traditions, and more are opting for cremation over burial.

Environmental Concerns

Concerns about land availability and the environment are also encouraging people to choose cremation. Research shows that the second most common reason for the choice is that it preserves the land. Others wish to minimize their after-death carbon footprint, and they believe that cremation is more eco-friendly than burial.


Another reason for the popularity of cremation is that it gives families additional time to plan memorial services. Cremation removes the time constraints that come with burial, and the extra time allows a more relaxed approach to the planning of services.

Widespread Family

In the past, burial was simple because families could easily gather at local churches and visit their loved ones in cemeteries. However, today’s families are more far-flung. With Cremation Services in San Diego CA, families aren’t tied to a certain location, and they can bring the urn with them or scatter the ashes as they choose.

As the country’s makeup and preferences change, funeral customs are changing as well. America’s families are increasingly turning to cremation for these reasons and others. For more information, call or visit the website.

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