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How To Choose The Best Medical Packaging Option

As a pharmaceutical company, particularly a smaller company or a startup, finding the right packaging is just one more choice in a long line of decisions. While it may not seem like the most important choice, how your product is packaged will have an impact on marketing, sales, and end-user impression. To


How Important Is Drug Packaging To The Pharmaceutical Company?

While marketing research companies will do exhaustive studies and reports to determine what patients or consumers want in drug packaging, it is also important to consider your options from a manufacturer’s perspective. Today, more than in the past, it is essential to choose drug packaging that is going to provide your company


A Brief Guide to Pharmaceutical Serialization

The threat today for counterfeit, mislabeled, tainted or abstracted prescription drugs is increasing and persistent. Therefore, pharmaceutical executives, politicians and government leaders are striving to come up with ways to track prescription medications. On the basis of this rising threat, many countries have begun to address susceptibilities in the supply chain by