How Important Is Drug Packaging To The Pharmaceutical Company?

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Medical packaging

While marketing research companies will do exhaustive studies and reports to determine what patients or consumers want in drug packaging, it is also important to consider your options from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Today, more than in the past, it is essential to choose drug packaging that is going to provide your company with full compliance with the regulations that are in place or are scheduled to come into effect over the next few years. This includes the serialization of packaging to allow for full tracking and tracing of the supply chain for medications from a pharmaceutical company to the end-user.

In the past, particularly in the United States, pharmaceutical companies found it cost effective to ship medications to pharmacies, either in hospitals or outside of these facilities, in bulk containers. However, with the new requirements, this can make it more challenging to track medications as the serialization information may not be transferred from the bulk shipment to the individual prescription containers.

Risk Reduction

Along with compliance to regulations for tracking the medications, choosing a packaging form that limits the risk of tampering with the medication is going to be a critical factor.

Blister packaging or sealing the containers with a polymer film that cannot be opened and then re-sealed provides increased consumer protection and confidence in the brand.

Branding and Identity

With a greater range of competition in the market, choosing drug packaging that creates a unique identity for a specific brand is going to be an essential consideration. Through developing this packaging with versatility to accommodate the various medications produced by the pharmaceutical company, it is easy to create branding without restricting the specific packaging option best suited to each individual medication.

Ideally, work with a pharmaceutical company to develop a safe, low-risk and cost-effective packaging option. These companies can create custom solutions to differentiate your brand from the competition.

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