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What You Should Know When Buying Used Work Trucks in Lancaster County, PA

When it comes to working for yourself, some of the biggest expenses you will have to cover is your equipment and tools. One of the most expensive pieces of equipment, and arguably the most necessary one you’ll own, is typically your work truck. If you are interested in shopping for used work


What Exactly Is Intermodal Transportation?

Perhaps you have heard the term intermodal before, but you just aren’t quite sure what it means or what it applies to. Larry’s Cartage Company, Inc is proud to be one of the top tier intermodal transportation companies in Chicago! Let us explain what intermodal transportation is, and how it may help


The Top Reasons to Hire a Refrigerated Trucking Company

There are numerous reasons why you might want to hire one of the refrigerated trucking companies in Chicago. Many companies find themselves in need of shipping frozen or refrigerated items to locations across the country. It can be more expensive to choose refrigerated shipment, but it also ensures your products stay fresh