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Ion Beam Sputtering: Definition and Applications

What is ion beam deposition? The process makes it possible for thin films to be deposited. In some cases, the thin films are etched. For etching, the ion beam is pointed to a material to be patterned. In deposition, an ion beam strikes and sputters a material. The material will then coat


The Steps In Medical Device Cleaning Validation

It is critical to ensure that medical devices are safe for use with patients. This is true from a manufacturer’s standpoint as well as from a hospital or treatment facility perspective. To ensure all medical devices are correctly cleaned, sterilized and safe for use all manufacturers have to complete medical device cleaning


Using A Formaldehyde Testing Kit

There are many different types of materials that are commonly found in residential and commercial properties that contain formaldehyde. At room temperature, formaldehyde is a gas that has a distinctive strong odor and is reactive. It belongs to the group of chemicals known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Many products such