Zinc Plating And Its Industrial Applications

The use of zinc can be controversial. The use of lead has resulted in all sorts of questions. Nevertheless, zinc remains a popular candidate for providing a protective coating to various substrate metals. Zinc plating continues to provide certain desirable properties for metal components that find common usage in today’s industries.

The Purpose of Zinc Electroplating

Zinc electroplating takes place for one major purpose – to provide protection against various elemental forces. When a base or substrate metal undergoes electroplating, the zinc imparts certain properties. Of primary importance is the ability of a zinc coating to protect the surface of the substrate metal against corrosion. This is a sacrificial coating. This term indicates, the zinc is not permanent but erodes away. The sacrifice of the zinc coating extends the overall life of the product it coats. The same properties remain or may be intensified by plating the component with a zinc alloy.

Industries Employing Zinc Plating

Zinc electroplating finds popularity among several different industries. While the automotive industry is a major consumer, it is not alone. Construction companies, electronic industrial concerns and diverse contract producers of pipes, oil and gas equipment and marine equipment also rely on zinc to provide the protection from corrosive elements their parts and products require. They use it to protect brass, iron, and steel. Among the common products utilizing zinc electroplating are the following:

* Automotive bodies

* Bolts

* Brake calipers

* Castings

* Drilling rigs

* Engines

* Gas filters

* Hauls of marine vessels

* Nails

* Nuts

* Pipes

* Washers

* Brake calipers

Industries find that plating these components and their products helps to preserve their structural integrity.

Choosing Zinc Plating?

Zinc electroplating is a common form of electrodeposition. It provides protection against the costly effects of corrosion. Many industries, including the automotive and construction industries, choose zinc to plate their products. They do so, realizing the effectiveness, advantages and overall low cost of zinc plating.

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