4 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

A home will only ever be as great as its foundation, and that’s why it’s important to keep up with its maintenance and repair. Problems with your foundation should always be taken seriously. Repairing your foundation at the first signs of settlement will prevent the issues from further escalating as the years go on, but how do you know if your foundation needs repair? Keep a look out for these 4 signs.

1. Visible Cracks

Cracks can be one of the most obvious signs of problems with your foundation. These cracks can be in the interior or exterior of the home, and may appear in a variety of sizes. Often, they show up as staircase shaped cracks in exterior brickwork. While a very small, thin crack may just be your house normally settling, anything that is wider than ¼ inch is important to get repaired immediately.

2. Uneven Floors

Sloping or slanted floors are also a sign that you may need foundation repair. Use a tape measurer or level to check whether your floors are level, and be sure to do this in multiple locations along the interior and exterior walls. While this isn’t a sure sign of foundational issues, it is still a good idea to check your foundation if you see evidence of uneven floors.

3. Visible Gaps

As your home’s foundation begins to settle and break down, you may start to notice gaps. They may be between your crown molding and the ceiling, or maybe around your windows or doors. Small gaps can be filled in, but if they become bigger, similar to the rule in the width of cracks, they need to be addressed immediately.

4. Bowed Basement Walls

Many people may overlook their basements, but they are the support system within your foundation and should be given special attention. If you notice the walls in your basement bowing in, there may be an issue with soil expansion. When the soil gets wet, it pushes against the foundation, but pulls back once its dried, leaving the walls bowed. This can lead to further issues if not taken care of.

Repairing your foundation is an important part of any home maintenance routine. You may think that it’s only an issue that occurs in older homes, but many newer homes do not have a stable foundation. If you notice any of these 4 signs in your home, you may want to consider finding a company for foundation repair in MA. Contact Basement Technologies for more information. Follow us on google+.

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