Getting The Best Used Liquid Chromatography Equipment

Making a choice to buy used liquid chromatography equipment is becoming the option of first consideration for labs of all sizes. As the cost of equipment rises and technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, buying new can be cost prohibitive, particularly for the small labs and facilities.

On the other hand, the larger labs are also looking to expand and add testing capacity. Instead of buying new equipment that will rapidly become outdated, choosing the newer models of used lab equipment provides a cost-effective option to continuing to upgrade as needed while still staying within the budget.

To find the best in used liquid chromatography equipment, here are a few key factors to keep in mind. The more that you learn about the company you are purchasing from, the higher the confidence in the customer service provided and in the purchasing process.

Used Equipment Company Reputation

Used analytical and medical equipment companies come and go. They often operate solely as online entities, acting more as an equipment broker and simply connecting buyers to sellers.

If you are purchasing used liquid chromatography equipment, be sure the company is a legitimate business. Contact the company, read reviews on the company and also make sure a physical phone number and location is provided on the website.

Equipment Checks

Not all companies selling used laboratory equipment will verify the equipment is in operational condition. Some will sell equipment “as is” which leaves the buyer with the concern about the functionality of the equipment.

Top used equipment companies will take the time to verify all aspects, functions, and features of the equipment are fully operational. A few companies offer the option for fully refurbished equipment that is offered with a warranty, which may be a factor to consider for quality assurance and equipment performance.

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