Why Invest In An Illumina DNA Sequencer?

In the past, Sanger sequencing was the only option for researchers and medical experts to use in sequencing DNA. The use of CE or capillary electrophoresis offered many benefits and is still in use. However, it is slower, has limited scalability and has a limited throughput capacity, which impacts how efficient it is to use.

With new technology in place, the Illumina DNA sequencer models overcome these barriers to provide rapid, accurate and highly scalable sequencing potential. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been used for many years, allowing for extremely accurate genetic information and sequencing abilities.

The Cost Factor

While researchers and labs understand the importance of being able to access this new technology, there is still the practical issue of the cost of adding this equipment to a lab. As with any technology, options and features with the equipment can add to the base price of the new models.

There are some important options to keep in mind that make adding a current model of the Illumina DNA sequencer to a lab a cost-effective option. In addition, the ability to produce massive amounts of data in a single sequencing run makes this equipment a very good return on investment.

Unlike some systems and equipment, the Illumina models are very small and are easily used on existing countertops or workstations. As an easy to operate and user-friendly system, this is an ideal option as a primary or secondary sequencer in any lab.

Used and Refurbished

A very effective way to reduce the cost of a new system is to purchase a used or refurbished Illumina DNA sequencer. These systems can provide savings of fifty percent or more off of the cost of new models. The refurbished equipment from top suppliers comes with a warranty, providing peace of mind with the purchase.

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