Common Transmission Problems and Why They Happen

Transmission problems can bog your car down. Don’t let that happen. Take a look at common types of transmission issues to know how to fix them:

Low fluid levels

Sometimes, problems can be as easy to fix as topping off those fluid levels. That’s why you’ll want to keep checking and refilling your transmission fluid, says Do It Yourself. However, if you just topped it off, then you could have leaks in your system. Punctured fluid lines as well as worn out transmission pan gaskets could be the likely reasons for the leak. You’ll need experienced and competent mechanics for transmission repair in Fossil Creek Alliance to help you out. Loose bolts and seals could have caused the problem as well.

Torque converter

If you hear grinding noises when you put the car in gear, that could be due to damage to its needle bearings. Ask the technician to take a look at your torque converter while they’re changing your fluid transmission. As a result, you get to have your fluid transmission changed and your torque converter fixed, all in one trip to service center. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.


Your torque converter has a clutch inside. This clutch can jam, though, resulting in sluggish gears when you shift while driving. This can also lead the car to shake or the engine temperature to rise dangerously. If you encounter this problem, know that there’s no time to waste. Drive to a reputable service center for transmission repair in Fossil Creek Alliance right away.

Other problems

A faulty universal join could also be a problem. Have damaged transmission mounts? That might be why your gearshift doesn’t properly engage any more. With plenty of other possible reasons, bringing your car to a service center—one you can trust—is a must.

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