Transmission Repair Service in Centerville OH

One of the most feared of all automotive problems is a failing transmission. Many people incorrectly believe that a transmission replacement or repair is not worth the money because the cost will be more than the value of the vehicle. However, it is possible to find affordable Transmission Repair Service in Centerville OH that will add years to the life of a vehicle.

How to Know When a Transmission Is Failing

Generally speaking, the sooner a transmission issue is detected and fixed, the more affordable the repair. Therefore, drivers need to be aware of the signs of potential transmission failure.

  • Check Engine Light.
  • While this is a non-specific warning light, the code can easily be checked at an auto repair shop and even many auto parts stores. This is the most obvious warning sign that something in the vehicle is having problems and should never be ignored.
  • Vehicle Will Not Go Into Gear.
  • If it is very difficult or impossible to get a vehicle to go into gear or an automatic transmission is not changing gears when it should, that is an indication of transmission problems.
  • Transmission Is Slipping.
  • Does it feel like the transmission is not staying in gear? If so, it may be slipping. This is a common problem that is often caused by low transmission fluid levels and may have a quick fix.
  • Funny Noises.
  • If the vehicle sounds unusual, with grinding, buzzing, or humming sounds, there could be a transmission problem. The grinding sounds are especially noticeable in manual transmissions.
  • Odd Smells.
  • Transmission fluid smells unusual. If a vehicle has developed an unusual smell, especially if the smell is accompanied by red fluid leaking underneath the car, there is an issue with the transmission.

Determine Whether Repair or Replacement Is The Right Option

If a vehicle is having transmission problems, the owner will have to decide whether to repair or replace the transmission or replace the vehicle. In addition to age-related failures, transmissions can also be damaged in auto accidents requiring Auto Body Repair. Find out more about transmissions by contacting a Transmission Repair Service in Centerville OH.

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