Metric Weld Studs: How Common Are They?

A metric weld stud is a weld stud that comes in metric sizes. There are some types of studs that commonly come in metric sizes, in which case many notable stud welding physical and online retailers will carry. However, other studs will only come in metric sizes when specifically requested, as these are not typically carried in stock at most stud welding retailers.

Weld Studs That Commonly Come in Metric Sizes

Metric weld studs that are commonly in stock at most retailers include arc external threaded weld studs, capacitor discharge (CD) external threaded weld studs, and short cycle externally threaded weld studs. Many retailers will carry a number of internally threaded arc weld stud taps in various metric sizes.

Metric Weld Studs That Are Normally Made to Order

Metric weld studs that are normally made to order instead of being commonly stocked usually include internally threaded and unthreaded studs. This includes internally threaded and no-threaded arc weld studs, CD weld studs, and short cycle weld studs.

The main reason why these types of studs are not commonly stocked in metric sizes at most retailers is because the project normally requires specific stud dimensions, tap depth and/or tap size to properly complete the project. As a result, when a customer details a project he/she wants to be completed, the person should mention that specific studs and/or taps should be in a specific metric size should the project call for specific metric-sized studs and/or taps.

It is important to note that some retailers will automatically adjust the stud size to an imperial (i.e., non-metric) size when the minor difference will not make much difference to a project. It is up to the customer to inform the company if this substitution will not work for a particular project when he/she informs the company of the project to be completed.

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