The Benefits Of Using Inconel Studs

Stud welding can be used for a wide range of different types of tasks. It is highly effective for large types of fabrication, assembly and manufacturing jobs such as shipbuilding, manufacturing of equipment and systems, on production and assembly types of operations and the construction of metal buildings of all types and sizes.

Extreme Environments

While many applications can use stainless steel or mild steel weld studs, there are other applications where even the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is not enough given the environmental conditions or the type of environment where the stud weld will need to function.

In these applications and for these jobs, the choice of Inconel studs is often the best. Inconel is a superalloy that was first used in the construction of components in the Whittle jet engine in the 1940s. Not a specific alloy but rather a family of nickel-chromium austenitic alloys, this has long been the choice in highly corrosive environments such as marine ship construction as well as high-temperature types of applications such as pressure vessels and boiler or waste incinerator construction.

Strength and Reliability

Inconel studs were actually used on the Space Shuttle to attach the rocket launchers to the platform. In addition, just 8 of these studs were used to support the Shuttle system before it was launched. At the time of the launch, specially set launch explosives were used to destroy the exterior nuts, allowing the release of the Shuttle from the platform.

The use of stud welding with Inconel studs provides a complete weld around the entire base, offering a superior hold as compared other types of resistance welding options. With the secure stud weld and the long life cycle of this alloy, these studs are an important choice when stud failure, even in extreme conditions, is not an option.

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