Design Options In Threaded Weld Studs For Drawn Arc Systems

When it comes to weld studs, the top manufacturers have a full line of stock configurations for most industries. This includes a range of different types of threaded weld studs for use in either capacitor discharge or drawn arc stud welding systems.

To understand the most commonly used threaded weld studs, here are the most often selected configurations of these weld studs for drawn arc systems. Generally, the capacitor discharge (CD) threaded studs tend to include the fully threaded design, but there are specialized and customized options available.

Full Thread

As the name implies, the full thread weld stud has threads running from the top of the stud through the entire length to just above the tip. The very bottom of the length is not threaded, but rather has a chamfered design for uniform welding.

This is the general purpose option in weld studs in any type of application where two parts have to be connected. With the full thread, they are ideal for multiple thicknesses of metal and can be used across all types of industries and applications.

Pitch Diameter

The pitch diameter threaded weld studs are similar to the full thread and have a higher shoulder or area without thread above the tip. Without the full thread, this is a stronger weld stud at the base, which is important if shear force is a consideration with the application.

The length of the thread can be customized to meet the needs of a given project, as can the overall length of the weld stud.

Collar Weld Studs

The collar weld stud is used in many different applications, particularly in fabrication and manufacturing. They are similar to the pitch diameter, but they have a collar that protrudes around the full diameter of the stud where the thread meets the smooth surface.

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