The Advantages of XRF X-Ray Techniques

There are two types of x-ray techniques, XRD and XRF. While each has its disadvantages and advantages when it comes to the specific method of measuring and scanning, the XRF x-ray tube is perfect for scientific industries when it comes to measuring compounds. The precise type of compound as well as its molecular structure will designate which one of the techniques is more effective. Leading manufacturers of x-ray tubes can ensure you get the right products that fit your particular projects and endeavors.

Effectively Measure Metals

X-Ray fluorescence is a known technique that’s used to effectively measure the exact percentage of metals within matrices that are inorganic like metal alloys and cement. It is very useful as a development and research tool within the construction industry. It can determine the make-up of materials which allows for high-quality alloys and cements to be developed.

Enjoy a Fast Performance with X-Ray Fluorescence Tubes

An XRF measurement can be performed quickly. Such a measurement, known to be able to measure metal in any given sample, can be performed and set-up in less than an hour. Even the result analysis is quick, taking only ten to thirty minutes in which to develop. This greatly contributes to its usefulness when it comes to development and research.

Use XRF for Elemental Analysis

XRF is the emission of secondary characteristic X-rays from materials that have been excited by bombarding via gamma rays or high-energy X-rays. It is used for chemical and elemental analysis in regards to the investigation of glass, metals, ceramics and other building materials, as well as for research in forensic science, geochemistry, archaeology and within art objects like murals and paintings. Using this type of x-ray tube ensure you are able to complete tasks within your field efficiently.

Mini Focus Packaged X-Ray Tubes Are Ideal for End-Users

Are you looking for the ideal x-ray tube? The mini focused packaged x-ray tube is extremely suited for end-users that desire a plug and play option. The tubes are high voltage isolated, radiation shielded, and include filament wires and high voltage cable. The outer packaging is bronze which provides isolation from radiation and thermal properties that are excellent which enables continuous operation with no compromise. Just be sure you are using a safe and careful power supply selection so the x-ray tube stays protected against any overcurrents, lack of cooling, or overvoltage. Contact Micro X-Ray Inc. at for more details.

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