The Types of Window Replacement in Washington, DC

There are several different types of windows you can choose from when you talk with a professional. The professional will ask you about your needs when determining your window replacement. There are several different options. You can choose storm glass, which will be much more resistant to damage in the future. Alternately, you can choose double-glazed windows. A double-glazed window is one that has two panes of glass instead of one.

Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass with an airtight seal. They can be sealed with a vacuum between the panes of glass or with a cushion of air. Either way, they will help to insulate your home. Even if you didn’t have double-glazed windows, you could often choose them for your window replacement in Washington, DC.

You should contact us today if you’re interested in double-glazed windows. They will give you many opportunities to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Since heat transfers by imparting energy to different molecules, adding a cushion of air or vacuum will arrest the transfer of heat.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are usually a popular kind of window replacement. They are made from a very strong kind of glass rated to withstand a certain amount of blunt force and a certain amount of wind. It’s usually the debris in the wind that is most dangerous during a storm. Strong winds are dangerous, but blowing branches and debris are much more dangerous. Storm glass is made to withstand reasonable storms; while nothing can be completely shatterproof, they are much more reliable than a standard type of window. If you live somewhere with many storms and your windows face danger, you should consider replacing them with double-glazed windows.

Not every window needs to be a storm window. Typically, it just needs to be a window that faces strong winds. The wind usually comes from the same direction when a storm arises.

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