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Chiropractic and Pain Management in Stockbridge, GA

Conventional medicine is more focused on relieving the pain by masking it instead of looking for the root cause and treating that instead of masking the symptoms. Pain relieving medications come with side effects ranging from mild to fatal in nature. Some side effects are treated with more medication, creating a cycle


Dell enters mid-tier storage solution market of India

    Dell is preparing to tap opportunities in the healthcare sector in India even as the country's IT service providers are on the lookout for opportunities from healthcare reforms in the US.   MUMBAI: Technology firm Dell has announced it has entered the mid-range fibre channel storage market with a new


Google’s official cover damaging Nexus 7: Report

  A recent report claims that Google's official folio cover for Nexus 7 (2013) tablet is damaging the device instead of protecting it.   NEW DELHI: As is the case with many gadget makers, Google sells accessories for the products it makes. However, a recent report claims that the official folio cover


iPhone 6 may help Apple shares rise 20%: Barron’s

  Apple shares could rise by 20% over the next year, fuelled by sales of iPhone 6 that is expected to have a bigger screen, says a Barron's article.   Apple shares could rise by 20% over the next year, fuelled by sales of a new version of iPhone that is expected