4 Compassionate Memory Care Helps People Near Fairfax, VA

When seniors begin to develop signs of memory problems, it raises a difficult issue for them and their families. While it’s most comfortable for them to remain in their own home for as long as possible, it’s very difficult to predict exactly when the point will come that doing so is no longer safe for them. The best memory care near Fairfax,VA facilities now provide housing that feels very much like being at home, while also keeping staff members on hand to ensure that residents are safe and have everything that they need to stay healthy and live well.

No one wants to have to move into a tightly controlled facility while they’re still well enough to be able to largely care for themselves. The problem is that dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and related memory problems tend to become worse over time. Their severity can also vary greatly, even within a single day. Often, people don’t realize that they’re too impaired to be living alone until they’ve already done something like forgotten their way home or left the stove on and nearly burned down the house.

The solution offered by The Virginian Retirement Community is a form of Memory Care near Fairfax, VA that provides for the needs of people who are experiencing issues while allowing them to retain as much independence as possible. They offer luxurious suites with wall-to-wall carpeting, private climate control, and private bathrooms. This allows people to retain the experience of living alone while still being within a larger community that includes health professionals who can monitor them and ensure that they’re getting their medications on time and that their health is doing well. Since meals are provided, there’s also no need to worry about accidents while cooking and similar problems.

A comfortable facility is a good compromise that helps everyone. It provides the senior with a place to live that it’s actually nice to be, and with plenty of neighbors and social activities to help them stay busy and have fun. It also helps their family by giving them the ability to stop worrying about whether their loved one is all right or if letting them live alone is really the right thing to do. To know more, please visit The Virginian Retirement Community.

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