Choosing the Right Linen Tablecloths

Linen tablecloths are an excellent choice if you want something that looks elegant yet offers the durability you need to ensure it holds up to wear and tear. While many tablecloths are similar, one of the differences you need to consider is the colors. The following tips will help you choose the right tablecloth for your needs.

Follow a Theme

If you want to follow a theme in your dining room, whether for a special occasion or to match your decor, you need to think about the other colors you will use in the room. For holidays, you may want to choose something that matches the typical colors for that holiday, such as pastels for Easter or red or green for Christmas. For everyday use, you should consider the theme of the rest of your kitchen decor to bring a seamless look to your kitchen and dining area.

Go with the Classics

Not everyone has a theme in their kitchen or a specific color in mind. For these individuals, you can’t go wrong with choosing classic colors for linen tablecloths. If you prefer candlelit dinners, darker colors like blacks, browns, and purples work best. Well-lit dining areas do better with reds, whites, or oranges.

Choose Safe Colors

In contrast to choosing classic colors for linen tablecloths, you can always purchase safer colors that will work well, no matter what the situation. You can never go wrong with a white tablecloth, but if you’re worried about spills and stains, consider choosing another lighter, neutral color.

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