APV Valve Selections and Options

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

In the food, beverage, and healthcare processing industries, it’s important to have high quality equipment. You need name brands you can trust like APV valve products. In fact, this company gives you many kinds of valves to choose from. Let’s check out some of the products they have for you.

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is easy to operate because it only requires one-fourth of a turn to activate. These valves can be used to stop and start flow, or they can regulate flow rate too. The construction is simple and very effective, and they are designed to give you a lot of service without any problems. APV valve selections like the Delta SV1 and SFS1F are very easy to install, and they are designed for quick service when needed. They can be visually inspected in the open and closed positions, and they are ATEX compliant.


If hygiene is very important the single seats valves from APV are excellent choices. They are designed for long-life with special shaft seals and bearings. Sump or dome issues are greatly reduced, and maintenance is simple. You can choose a single seat APV valve with a number of housings.


Double-seat valves are essential if you need to keep fluids separate while processing. The special seat lift function cleans the leakage chamber, making cleanings an unimportant issue. You can save money on cleaning fluids too. The valves help to prevent problems associated with water hammers (sudden surges in pressure).

Servicing the double-seat pumps is easy, and you have options too. You can order a control unit, proximity switch holder, or oil dampening features.

Check Valves

When you need to prevent backflow in the system, check valves from APV are there for you. You can install your valves in horizontal or vertical positions. They are made with few parts to facilitate maintenance and prolong the life of the valve.

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