Some Benefits of Modern Six Pack Rings

If you’ve been paying attention over the years, you’ve probably heard more than a few stories about the problems of the traditional six pack can ring. From danger to wildlife to sitting forever in a landfill, these items have been given bad press throughout the years. Fortunately, modern technology provides six-pack rings for both cans and bottles that not only counteract some of the deficiencies of the previous product but add new unique benefits as well.

The Problems with Traditional Six Pack Rings
Traditionally, thin plastic rings were used to hold six-packs of cans together. They have not been used for bottles, largely because the rings would not be strong enough to hold the weight of a bottle at its relatively thin neck.

The major problem with them is that they are not usually recyclable, so they end up in landfills, or worse, they end up in the water or in a grassy area where wildlife can become entangled in the thin rings. They also tend to stretch rather easily, allowing cans to fall out while being carried.

How Some Modern Rings Solve the Problems
Modern day rings, like their predecessors, can be used to hold together groups of containers of juice, water and soda. They can be made of 100 percent recyclable material, which means that they are less likely to be found in a landfill, lake or field. This is better for wildlife and the environment.

The rings are also much stronger and can be custom designed to fit any can or bottle, even up to a 24 ounce bottle. They also won’t stretch, so the cans and bottles are less likely to fall out.

Other Benefits of Modern Six Pack Rings
Some designs of modern rings for six packs offer more can coverage than the traditional design. This keeps more dust and other contaminants from landing on the top of the can, particularly on the drinking surface. They can also be designed to be stackable, allowing even oddly-shaped bottles or containers to take up less space.

One final added benefit of some new styles of rings is that they provide handy carrying handles or smooth surfaces that can function as handles.

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