2 Leg Wire Rope Sling for General Lift Applications

Double or 2 leg wire rope sling devices consist of two separate equal lengths of wire rope joined together with a single oblong link. These devices are also referred to as leg bridle wire rope slings are usually fitted with an eye hook on each end – but they can also be customized with different types of hardware as required. The master oblong connects to loops that are fitted with thimbles that protect the area of the wire rope at the contact point in order to reduce the effects of wear and prolong the sling’s useful service life.

Advantage Over Single Leg Sling

Most often, a 2 leg wire rope sling provides superior load control balance over single leg sling. It is designed to handle general lifting applications – these involve applications in which the hooks are directly attached to the lifted load.

The lifting capacities for these wire rope slings can vary depending on the angle and direction of the pull. The types of uses and lifting capacities can vary depending on the type of wire rope used in the lifting arrangement.


The quality steel that wire rope slings are manufactured with has resistance properties to corrosion, most chemicals, sunlight, and heat. The wire ropes are protected at connection points by thimbles that extend the slings’ useful operating life.

When measuring wire rope bundles, it is necessary to use the end hook plus the length of the sling leg. Not to be included in this measurement is the oblong master.

You can obtain 2 leg wire rope sling configurations in a range of different lengths. They can also be customized to the particular length you need for your application or project.

Although you have various options when it comes to obtaining wire rope products, it’s important to ensure the products you purchase our high quality. If you are in need of one or more wire rope sling configurations for your lifting or rigging requirements, be sure to contact a reliable wire rope and sling company serving your area. With the right high quality wire rope and other lifting products and accessories, you can help ensure that your lifting arrangement is both highly successful and safe.

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