Why Owners Include Decorative Rock in Austin, TX Home Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is popular in Austin, and it often includes colorful river rock. Landscapers and homeowners order rock from area suppliers such as Loftin Trucking & Materials. Although materials like gravel and cobblestone can work for sustainable designs, it is common to see the decorative rock in Austin, TX landscaping. It is beautiful and durable, requires little care and does not attract insects the way that organic materials do.

Rock Is a Low-Maintenance Ground Cover

The idea behind sustainable landscaping is to create a beautiful property that is environmentally friendly and designed to control issues such as storm water runoff. Landscapers and homeowners often use decorative rock in Austin, TX designs in order to meet those goals and to add easy-care elements. For example, they might include dry creek beds using Loftin Material that include decorative stones. The beautiful stones are sold in a wide range of colors and shapes that have been naturally formed by moving river water. They add color and interest but, unlike living ground cover, never need to be trimmed and are not usually affected by weather.

River Rock Does Not Decompose

Clients often include river rock in landscaping to add accents and borders that will not degrade over time. Traditional ground covers such as mulch or wood chips begin to decompose as soon as they are exposed to rain or snow. Decorative rock is not affected by most weather and, even if rocks move, they can easily be put back. They can also be trampled on repeatedly without harm.

Bugs Do Not Affect Rock

Another advantage that decorative rock has over organic ground cover is its resistance to insects. Common ground covers like bark strips, wood chips, and plants attract hundreds of different kinds of bugs when they decay. Rock is not affected by any species, including termites. That is critical because termites can do thousands of dollars in damage before homeowners even know they are present.

Homeowners often include river rocks in sustainable landscaping projects. Decorative rocks do no decay and require little maintenance, making them ideal for creating dry creek beds, accents, and flower bed borders. Colorful river rocks also add beauty to landscaping without attracting the bugs that feed on an organic ground cover.

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