The Beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park

There is nothing quite a beautiful as a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation. The park itself is 415 square miles of jaw-dropping mountain sights and Trail Ridge Road which gives you the perfect view of the alpine and subalpine worlds. You can hike over 300 miles and see all of the lovely wildflowers, starry nights, and amazing wildlife. There are so many fun activities for you and your family that it is almost impossible to choose which to do first.


Rocky Mountain National Park has 355 miles of hiking trails which range from steep mountain peaks to flat strolls on the lakeside. If you have never been to the park before you can visit with the park rangers and they can provide you with maps that will help you along the way. Bear Lake would be a great place to start especially if you are not familiar with the area and would like to experience just a casual stroll.

Scenic Drives

You will get to experience a little bit of everything on a scenic drive in Rocky Mountain National Park. You can drive through the aspen groves and low land meadows to experience the beauty of the forests and the flowing rivers. Or you can experience the high peaks of the central Rocky Mountains. You can drive along Old Fall River Road or Trail Ridge Road to get the best visual experiences.


Embrace the beautiful wildlife at Rocky Mountain National Park. You will get the opportunity of witnessing such animals as Mule Deer, Elk, and various other wildlife creatures. Occasionally you will see bighorn sheep which the kids get a real kick out of. At Rocky Mountain National Park there are over 60 species of animals as well as 11 species of fish and loads of different types of insects. This will make for a great learning experience for both you and the children. You can even sit down and enjoy a picnic and watch the wildlife go by.

Rocky Mountain National Park provides guests with a little bit of everything and highlights all of the greatest parts of the Rocky Mountains. They are full of beauty, wildlife, and adventure, and provide tourists with the best possible Rocky Mountain experience. Take the time to take in the nature and the beauty of it all while keeping plenty busy in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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