Music, Mommy And Me: Parental Involvement In Music Classes

Children live in an exciting world. The opportunities to learn new things can be boundless. Toddlers can now attend day care facilities and go to play groups not far from where they live in Deerfield IL. It is very important that parents become part of this aspect their child’s life. This is possible through some programs called Mommy and Me. These place no little emphasis on parental involvement, in this case, the mother.

Music, Mommy and Me

For some parents and children, music can prove to be a bonding experience. Music has the charm to soothe wild savage breast” and offers considerably more. Young children learn so much through their exposure to music. To do so with their mother can increase the benefits of the experience for both of them. Making music together has more than one meaning for children at this age.

Benefits of Music in Mommy and Me Classes

If a child can attend a class that allows parents, it can be very beneficial. For children, the best time for this to become part of their lives is between ages three and 10. This is when the brain is the most receptive to the joys and wonders of music. In a Mommy and Me format, music can produce several positive affects for child and parent.

Among them are:

 * Nurtures the innate love of music within a child
 * Increases the natural bond between child and mother
 * Provides the mother and child with something they can truly enjoy and experience together
 * The enjoyment of music is transferrable from the workshop, classroom or another facility to the home environment
 * As a pressure-free learning environment, a Mommy and Me program can provide both partners the chance to enjoy truly each other’s company and learn more about what music makes each other happy
 * Making and responding to music is one means through which development of a child is stimulated. This includes gross motor skills as well as cognitive development
 * In this environment, the children and mothers in Deerfield IL help improve their and social interactions. It is not, after all, only children who may be socially awkward when it comes to interacting with others
 * Mommy and Me courses allow children to develop their listening skills as well as their spatial awareness. They are not the only children present, so they need to know where they are in terms to others. At the same time, they can discover how to co-operate with others while discovering not only music but also such concepts as “taking turns.”

Music is a positive factor in child development. It can hone the brain. Some research indicates it can help to boost memory and increase such characteristics as attentiveness, motivation, and learning. It is also a stress reducer and the mothers in Deerfield IL would agree that is a definite bonus. Overall, when it comes to children and music, the Mommy and Me program is probably one of the best ways for children and parents to as the Beatles would say, “Come Together.”

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