Enhancing the Look of Craftsman Doors

The solid, sturdy and secure look of Craftsman doors, combined with the iconic straight lines and right angles of contemporary design are a popular option for both home renovations and custom home designs.

One of the reasons why Craftsman doors have continued to be so popular is because of the variety of styles and options you can choose for the door. With a wide selection of additional features to consider, it is easy to personalize a door from a top company while also keeping the classic and well-defined look.

Door Features

The actual design of Craftsman doors is much broader than many think. You will find doors with the traditional long, rectangular panels and small lights across to the top third of the door, or you may also find the style with a much larger single glassed area but the same classic frame and smaller panels in the door.

Of course, one of the hallmarks of Craftsman doors is the ornate dentil shelf. This small shelf right under the lites, with its unique and geometric square design elements, adds to the design of the door without being overwhelming.

Glass Options

With a Craftsman door, it is possible to choose a traditional lite arrangement, which is typically three rectangular lites, made out of clear glass. However, you can also opt for an art glass, which includes caming, as well as square and rectangular shapes of various types of glass within the lite.

This results in greater privacy, as the glass is opaque rather than clear. A clear central component with a beveled edge gives you the ability of looking out for security purposes, plus you will be able to take full advantage of the natural light coming into your entrance.

Other types of art glass may include additional patterns and glass options. Most will follow the squares and rectangles of the lines of the door, which makes them look very unique but still identifiable as classic Craftsman doors.

To enhahce even more the design of Craftsman doors, consider adding sidelites and a transom. This additional glass opens up the entrance while matching perfectly with the design and style of the door itself. Some companies offer a working sidelight that can open up, allowing breeze in and providing a very unique and practical addition to any front door.

The Craftsman doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply can be customized to meet the design preferences of our customers. To see our inventory or to place an order, visit us online at www.nicksbuilding.com.

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