Effective Methods for Dealing with Termites in Baltimore, MD

One of the worst things a homeowner will have to deal with is issues involving termites. These little insidious bugs can eat away at a home to the point to where it can compromise its structure. Fortunately, homeowners are a becoming more experienced at seeing the telltale signs of termites. In addition, professional exterminators are skilled in exterminating Termites in Baltimore MD.

The first thing that will need to be done is to determine if a home has an issue with termites. In some cases, water damage to wood materials or dry rot can often mimic the damage caused by termites. In these instances, the professional exterminators at Sitename may need to be called out in order to determine if the damage is termite related or if it’s something unrelated to an infestation.

If the problem is termites, the next step is to determine the scope of the damage. This will help a homeowner to know if repairs are going to be necessary or if simply eliminating the termite problem will suffice. Often, when an infestation is caught early, no repairs will be needed.

The last step is to determine what type of treatment needs to be used in order to eliminate the termite population that has infested a home. There are three types of methods exterminators will use to eliminate Termites in Baltimore MD.

One of the most common options includes baiting termites. How this process works is pieces of cardboard or wood is strategically placed near areas where termites congregate. This is typically soaked in pesticides, which will kill the termites once it’s ingested. In addition, any particles of the baited wood can be taken back to the colony, which helps destroy even larger numbers of termites.

Repellents can be used to deter termites that are feeding in a particular area. An exterminator can also use dedicated pesticides that can be applied to colony areas. This can greatly reduce the number of termites infesting a home.

In some cases, one of these treatments will be necessary and in other situations all of them will be needed. Regardless, if you feel you have a problem with termites, immediate action needs to be taken. You’ll need to contact an exterminator, have them come and inspect your home and begin treatment as quickly as possible.

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