How to Select the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Child

When it comes time to choose a summer camp for your child, it can be challenging to determine exactly which camp fits your needs as well as your child’s needs. You may have amazing memories from summer camp and want to pass that along to the child you are raising, but there are many more options today than there used to be. There are dozens of summer camp programs in NJ. We want to help you select the one that is a perfect fit.

Consider Expectations

Before you start researching your options, the first step is to have a conversation with your child. Find out what they want to do over the summer. Determine who they might want to go with and what experiences are important. This helps you start a search with important information available. Of course, you should also consider camps that have some activities that are new and might give them essential experiences. What you want is a nice balance.

Day Camp vs. Overnight Camp

If you want to keep your child busy and active over the summer, day camp can fill that gap without your child being gone for long periods of time. It also gives you the chance to talk about what happens each day. It’s also the best option for a new camper. Overnight camp can be an adventure, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. Ask yourself if you’re ready to send your child off for a week or more without much contact.

Research Options

After you have answered these questions, you can start considering camps. Pay attention to prices and reviews from past campers and their parents. If you choose something local, you may have parent friends who have already chosen an excellent camp. Ask them for advice, and it may make a choice easier. It also helps to call the camp and ask questions that are relevant to your situation.

Visit the Camp

Take time to get to know the people staffing the camp. Introduce yourself and the child to counselors and other workers. This shows that you care about the experience and are committed to your child being happy. If you are looking at summer camp programs in NJ, consider Black Bear Lake. We’d be happy to provide information about our programs and activities.

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