Find Great Gatlinburg Family Vacation Packages Now!

As the gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, tiny Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a great place to experience small town America and Appalachian charm at their best. Family restaurants rub shoulders with arts and crafts shops, and before or after your meal, you can walk from one side of Gatlinburg to the other along the Downtown Parkway. At all times, you’re surrounded by the gorgeous foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

You may not know it, but Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most-visited national parks in the United States. With the park’s popularity and natural beauty, and Gatlinburg’s own attractive offerings, the Gatlinburg area is an ideal place for a family vacation. No shortage of Gatlinburg family vacation packages is available to help you find a place to stay and things to do for cheaper than normal rates.

Stay Wherever Your Heart Desires

If you’re willing to stay out in the countryside rather than in the city center, a wide variety of accommodations are available. For the rustic adventurer in you, a cabin will do. For those who enjoy sweeping views and a hike, a mountainside chalet could be where to stay. You could also rest at a local bed and breakfast, but more modern and spacious comforts are also available in the downtown hotels and motels. When booking family vacation packages, you can find accommodation that accommodates you.

Find Something for Everyone

Gatlinburg has attractions for the whole family. Kids will surely enjoy the live entertainment, as well as mini golf courses, quirky museums, and Gatlinburg’s many arts and crafts fairs. Parents can steal a moment or two alone on the sky lift or tramway. Gatlinburg family vacation packages offer unique and exciting experiences you won’t forget set amidst the rugged beauty of the mountainous American heartland.

Food, Shopping and More

Before booking your trip, do some research on the family vacation packages to see what restaurants and meal deals are available in Gatlinburg. Both local and national cuisine can be found in copious amounts, and you could do worse than enjoy some home-style cooking when you’re far from home.

When it comes to shopping in Gatlinburg, don’t think shopping malls. Why travel all that way just to buy things you could find anywhere in the U.S.? Gatlinburg has all sorts of small mom and pop shops of the sort once found on any small town main street, where you can pick up unique local handmade gifts to take home.

Once you’ve taken in the sights and the shopping, you can amble down Gatlinburg’s River Walk to enjoy the burbling sounds of the Little Pigeon River. Take a break and have a seat at one of the many gazebo and benches along the way.

What are you waiting for, when Gatlinburg is waiting for you!

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