Creating The Perfect Modern Country Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home and if you are the chef of the household, you will probably want to make this room feel as welcoming as possible. When renovating the kitchen, style and functionality should combine to create a space where you can enjoy family meals and prepare dishes with ease. A new interior design trend that is proving popular is modern meets country. This trend involves merging rustic elements with contemporary features, and the look can be achieved with help from kitchen specialists. Find inspiration for your modern country kitchen with the following design tips.

Choosing a Colour Theme

Did you know that the colour you choose for your modern country kitchen will affect the way you feel when you are inside the room? Warm colours like red, orange and yellow will create a cosy vibe, whereas cool shades like blue and purple will instil a feeling of calm. Dark hues will add an element of sophistication and glamour to the space, and light shades like white and beige will make the kitchen feel open and airy. Make the colour theme flow by matching coloured appliances with bright curtains and furniture.

Introducing Appliances and Details

Ornamentation is one of the signature details for a modern country kitchen, so don’t forget to introduce appliances that look good, but that also serve a purpose in the cooking environment. A typical country kitchen will be feature a full-height backsplash, open shelving, a vintage-style toaster, under-counter storage and high-backed chairs. Take inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s when adorning the walls with artwork and opt for stainless steel appliances if you want to give the kitchen a truly timeless feel.

Natural Materials

By decorating the kitchen with natural materials not only will you be putting your eco-friendly foot forward but also, you will be reflecting the soft hues of nature and giving the kitchen an outdoorsy feel. Textured stone surfaces, rich wooden beams, bamboo blinds and rugs, quartz countertops, cultured marble tables – these are just a few ways in which you can incorporate natural materials into the modern country kitchen. Another good way of adding a natural touch is by choosing cabinetry carefully. Mix different materials together for an eye-catching look. For example, get cherry wood cabinetry fitted with chrome or stainless steel handles.

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