Ideas For Promoting A Business With Inexpensive Gifts

To get customers and prospective clients excited about a new store opening, to promote a product at a tradeshow or to give away to clients as an in-store promotion, it is hard to find inexpensive gifts truly unique and different.

This is where some old school technology and some new school binding and printing really come into play in the creation of inexpensive gifts. For any of these events, including for new product promotions and advertising campaigns, using flipbooks as a novelty idea may be the missing link you have been seeking.

The great thing about custom flip books is they can be designed to show whatever short message you want. Unlike zip drives, apps or videos they are inexpensive gifts that can be used anywhere. They aren’t a promotional item relying on technology or the need to be online or plugged in, and in this sense they are a novelty for many customers and clients.


There are only a handful of quality producers of flipbooks for business promotional materials. These companies typically have a minimum requirement of the number of flipbooks you need to order to keep them as inexpensive gifts.

However, for any business the minimum requirement, which can be as low as 2500, is not a problem. These books can be used for customer giveaways, promotional items and even at tradeshows and community events. Choosing the theme of the book wisely means they can be used again and again, and they can even be reordered as necessary.

Topics and Animation

While inexpensive gifts for your clients and customers, flipbooks can also be promotional and educational as well. It is important to think about the message you want to send in the mini-movie your flipbook will highlight.

You can literally create a mini-commercial highlighting your product or service, or perhaps capture a time-lapse personal movie of your new building from the first groundbreaking to the grand opening.

The beauty of these books is they are not just a collection of photos to flip through; they are sophisticated animation to play and replay any time you want. Surprisingly they are also inexpensive gifts for businesses to give away when they are purchased in volume.

The reality is these inexpensive gifts may be just the edge or the unique marketing program you have been looking for. If you haven’t thought of flipbooks, look again, they are a traditional yet entirely innovative addition to any small business marketing campaign.

At Fliptomania, we understand businesses need unique and different inexpensive gifts for customers and clients. To learn more about the flipbooks, we offer and our custom design process see us at

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