Buying Tips for Used Sciex Instruments and Mass Spectrometry Equipment

Buying used Sciex instruments and mass spectrometers is a substantial investment, and with a wide range of choices on the market, it is essential to make sure you purchase the right instrument for your needs. These buying tips will provide you with information to help you make the best choice when purchasing used mass spectrometer equipment.

Manufacturers of Mass Spectrometers
Here are several top manufacturers of mass spectrometers equipment:

 * AB Sciex
 * Bruker
 * Thermo Scientific
 * Waters
 * Ciphergen

Buying Tips
Learn about the many factors to consider when buying used mass spectrometry equipment.

 * When purchasing mass spectrometers, it is critical to consider PC interface abilities. A successful interface with the office’s current data framework is helpful for collecting test information, checking testing precision, and keeping up quality control, patient records, alignment and capability testing.
 * Facilities should consider the amount and types of tests that need to be performed before choosing equipment. Facilities should choose equipment that can meet the demand of their work volume.
 * Depending on price alone without considering the true cost can be deceptive. Facilities ought to consider the expense of new parts, support, repairs, and administrative costs.
 * Before acquiring quadrupole mass analyzer or LC mass spectrometer units, Facilities should know the safety and environmental standards provided by the manufacturer.
 * Service-contract clients may get standard programming redesigns provided by most LC mass spectrometer suppliers. These upgrades enhance the performance of the system and typically, there is no charge. Faculties should know that the system updates are frequently cumulative; this means that prior system revisions may be needed to install and operate a new one.
 * Mass spectrometer tests requiring practically no preparation or experience to perform. These tests do not require elaborate QC, and are more averse to deliver mistaken results.

Mass Spectrometer Industry Applications
Mass spectrometers are useful for a range of applications in the medical and research industries. These industries can include biological, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical research. In any industry, purchasing the right used Sciex instruments and other analytical equipment is a huge investment. However, by using these tips your facility can find cost-saving solutions while obtaining the instruments and equipment you need.

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