Wood Crates Vs Cardboard

Some people are singing the praises of cardboard for shipping containers because cardboard can save you money over wood. However, cardboard has several limitations which make it unsuitable in a lot of applications today, and you may be much better off using wood crates for your shipping needs in Milwaukee. Let’s make some comparisons of the two materials to give you a good idea of the versatility and strength of natural wood.

Cardboard Shipping Containers

Cardboard is essentially made from corrugated kraft paper and it gets its strength from the way it is constructed. Here are some benefits of cardboard:

 * Cost effective
 * Can easily be made into just about any shape or size
 * Works well for lightweight materials
 * Provides a cushioning effect during shipping
 * Easy to print on
 * Can be recycled

Disadvantages of Cardboard

 * May not be suitable for reuse – cardboard is easily affected by wear and tear and many cardboard containers are a “one time” option.

 * Absorbs water – standard cardboard is basically paper, so it will readily absorb moisture and lose its integrity. You can buy treated cardboard to withstand moisture but it is more expensive.

 * Distorts and weakens quickly under heavy loads and stress

Wood Crates for Shipping

Wooden containers are created from either soft or hardwoods. They can be made completely from wood except for hardware. You will enjoy the following benefits in Milwaukee with wood:

 * Easy to stack – although cardboard can be stacked, it is limited in its capacity, but wood can withstand a great deal of weight.

 * Can handle both light and heavy loads during shipping

 * Reusable – it’s possible to use a wooden container many times without any problems.

 * Not affected by moisture – if your wooden shipping containers get wet, they will not lose strength or integrity.

 * Natural material – no harsh chemicals or poisons are used in the process of making wood crates. Plus, when you choose a responsible Milwaukee manufacturer you only receive wood from forests which are replanted and harvested properly.


Nothing is perfect and there are a few negative things to consider. For example, you will pay more for quality crates made out of wood in Milwaukee. They may not be the best choice for some types of materials. However, because they last so long and are so well-made they can be used and re-used many times and this can make wood crates an excellent investment.

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