The Ultimate Stack – How to Properly Store and Protect Cardboard Boxes

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Packaging

Cardboard is a very delicate material, so if it’s stocked in bulk, it could degrade in storage. If your business relies on cardboard boxes, never fear because the solution is here. It’s time to unbox a winning formula.

The Path to Success

It’s best to store cardboard boxes flat for two reasons. For starters, a flat box takes up less space in storage. In addition, if you have a large batch, this technique can cut your storage capacity in the half. Second, a box is less vulnerable when it’s flat. If you store a box in its natural state, it could warp or tear.

Next, try to find various boxes that are similar in size. To maximize space, you should group these boxes together in storage. Once you have a full stack, carefully secure the boxes in place with a piece of rope or a string.

Important Considerations for Storage

While the boxes are in storage, check on them occasionally because they could shift out of place. If this happens, lift the boxes up, and carefully readjust the rope or the string.

Also, check the boxes for signs of moisture. For cardboard, moisture is caused by humidity, so if you have concerns or notice any signs, move all of your boxes to a new storage area.

Finally, inspect the storage zone for signs of insects. Most bugs are attracted to cardboard because it’s a viable food source.

Equipped for Success

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