What You Need To Know About Aircraft Tow Tractors

The fast pace at which technology is evolving is not biased towards only a few occupational areas such as science and the medical fields but has also improved the transportation department. The transport industry is an essential service required by countless individuals all over the world. Since ancient times, nations have been built on the backs of improved transportation systems. Airplanes have become the primary means of long distance transportation, and more people prefer to take flights for safer and luxurious travel. However, aircrafts are not all built the same, being made with varying weights and sizes depending on the model and manufacturing companies. Aircraft tow tractors, which move planes while on the ground, need to be able to accommodate different types of planes.

Most aircraft tow tractors, also known as pushbacks, can tow aircrafts of any weight. They are designed to support heavy weighing planes such as the Airbus A380. The tractors have a chassis which enhances their strength, as well as adding a lot of weight to the tractor which gives them better traction. The procedures followed in towing vary from one aircraft to another. Most tractors will tow planes using a tow bar, which is typically attached to the nose of the plane. Towbarless tractors on the other hand, will attach themselves to a planes landing gear.

Aircraft towing can be very different from any other type towing or transport, and so there are a lot of safety measures and guidelines to follow. Prior to towing it is important to ensure the aircraft does not exceed its normal pace, the tires are fully inflated, and other factors needed to service aircraft when they are on the ground. It is also necessary to ensure the undercarriage ground locks are fitted perfectly before the procedure. Aircraft towing tractors are required to be well maintained in order to reduce the cost of maintenance and to prevent breakdowns while on the runway. Since every aircraft has the level of degree to which it should be turned, it is not to be exceeded, and otherwise there will be stress on the tires.

Mercury GSE is a leading company which sells, rents, and leases these aircraft towing tractors. On their website, there are over 300 units available to be rented out. They only carry well-maintained machines which are made available to countries outside the US such as Canada, Asia, and Europe. In addition, their warranty is inclusive and suited for those looking to buy.

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