ALL You Need To Know About Military Wedding in San Antonio

A military wedding is the wedding of any person who is an active member of the military. Here is how military weddings in San Antonio are different from civilian weddings.


It is mandatory to wear formal attire. The man is to wear his full dress uniform along with gloves and saber/sword. The bride on the other hand has the option of wearing either the uniform or a dress. If she chooses to wear a bridal dress, it should be appropriate. Low cuts, backless and strapless dresses are considered inappropriate. If the bride chooses to wear her uniform, she can’t wear corsage or flowers.


The couple is to pass an arch of drawn swords or sabers. Naval officers carry swords, while Army, Air force, and Marine Officers carry sabers. The arch is usually formed by an honor guard and is a symbol of safe passage towards the journey of marriage.


The couple enters, kisses, and passes through the arch. The couple then salutes the honor guard after which members return to carry position, whether the arch is performed inside the foyer or outside is decided by the church rules.


The hall is decorated in military style. There is usually a display of the American flag decorated along with the standards (colors) of the couple’s military unit(s). If you want to do something special, you can play the song from the groom/bride’s branch of service.

Indoor Ceremony

The indoor arch sword ceremony happens after the couple rises to take the blessings. After this, a carry saber command is given after the couple has passed through the arch. Then the saber bearers move away from the alter and march down the side aisle, only to assemble again on the chapel steps with the sabers.


Military guests at the wedding are shown their seats at the reception according to their ranks. The bride and groom cut the wedding cake with a saber or sword. The bride holds the sword and the groom covers her hands and together they cut the cake.

The After Party

If you want to hold an after party, you should know that there are options like community clubs, hotel venues (like the Navy lodge and chapel meeting halls) inside the military base.

Other Information

A military wedding can be held at the couple’s preferred church or at a chapel at the military base. You are eligible to marry at a military academy if you are a graduate, child of a graduate, or a member of the staff.

Military weddings are a perfect example of how rituals and traditions can create a memorable wedding.

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