What Is A Low Vision Optometrist?

What are low vision optometrists? They are medical professionals who specialize in those suffering from low vision. A regular optometrist conducts eye examinations, detects various types of eye diseases and recommends a surgical, optical or other solution. A low vision optometrist specializes in detecting visual problems affecting the functioning of the eye for which medical science has no cure. He or she cannot operate to improve the condition. Regular eyewear cannot correct the visual impairment. Their approach must differ. It must help the visually affected adapt to their current incurable condition.

Prescribing Aides

Optometrists operate according to the rules and regulations set for them by their state regulatory board. Depending upon their location, their license may restrict the type of devices they can prescribe to their visually impaired patients. The same applies to low vision optometrists. While they may test, assess and diagnose the visual issues, restrictions often exist regarding what specific devices they can prescribe.

In general, a low vision optometrist can prescribe any of the following assistive devices for their patients:

* High-powered reading glasses – single or bifocal

* Telescopic glasses

* Portable magnifiers

* Video magnifiers – high tech with a camera lens for magnifying images on either a computer or video screen

* Portable electronic devices, resembling tablets, phones, etc.

Where an issue may arise in many states concerns the use of bioptic telescopic glasses for driving. Some states ban this practice. Others, such as Minnesota, treat each case individually. Talk to your optometrist about this issue.

Low Vision Optometrist

If affected by low vision issues while living in Minnesota, you need to consult an expert in this field. While your doctor will offer some support, you will require the services of a professional. This means

visiting a low vision optometrist. Depending upon his/her practice, you will not only receive an assessment but also prescriptions and training on various vision enhancement systems capable of making it easier for you to continue on with your life.

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