Using Technology To Create Independence With NuEyes Glasses

One of the biggest frustrations for those with vision loss or vision impairment is the loss of their independence. Today, thanks to advances in technology and the development of “smart” devices for vision, people of all ages are able to live independently and to interact with the environment around them again.

A leader in the industry is NuEyes, a Veteran-owned company dedicated to helping those with vision impairment or blindness related conditions to be able to live on their own and enjoy their daily activities. While there have been technologies in the past that accomplish the same results, they have been large machines and systems that are difficult to manage and very challenging to use as portable technology.

The Technology

NuEyes glasses are ODG Smartglasses that are worn like traditional glasses. They do have a thicker frame and larger and thicker lens area, but this accommodates the camera and the ability to look at what you are seeing.

The NuEyes glasses use a high-powered magnifying video camera on the front of the glasses that displays this magnified image on the interior of the dark lenses. The image can be displayed at up to 12 times the original size, and this is all controlled by voice activation with fully hands-free operation.

In addition to the magnification, the NuEyes glasses will also allow the user to say a command to change the contrast or the color display for easier sight and clearer images. For reading, the text will be read to the wearer, providing an auditory presentation of any text, making it possible to read, identify products, use a smartphone or any other type of text required.

Not surprisingly, these advanced smartglasses also have a built-in QR and barcode scanner, easily making information available to wearers with just a glance.

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